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Hi Emma,

I am so lucky to have found your blog. It's great! Thanks for all your work.

I have just learned that I must start working as an Italian, no longer as an Australian, and pay Italian tax and be an Italian business entity. I am a really small fish, and want to keep things as simple as possible. Is this SSRL option worth considering for a sole proprietor expecting a turnover of maybe EUR20k? Or would you recommend I just register for IVA to keep it simple?

Sorry, I know it's not the simplest question, and I will do all my own research, but I would like your opinion. Why do you wish you could have become SSRL if you fitted into the age bracket?




Hi Scott,

I'm glad you like the blog and you're finding it useful.

Without knowing what line of business you're in and your expected turnover/expansion (if any) for the coming years it's difficult for me to give specific advice.

If you're a sole trader and your annual turnover is Eur20k, you can register for the regime dei minimi, which is where you just have a Partita Iva (VAT for anyone else reading). You're exempt from paying Iva but equally you can't offset it either. There are also other restrictions. You can't hire anyone and you can't spend more than Eur15k on rent in three years.

Again, as for 'just' registering for a P.Iva it depends what business you're in so I can't answer that.

As to why I wish I could have become a SSRL, that wording might be slightly misleading. I have a couple of business ideas. If I only had to pay Eur1 to set the business up, I might be more likely to jump in and try it out. When you have to wade through a swamp of red-tape before you've even begun, I think that's offputting and you're likely to think twice about doing something.

I hope that helps.

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