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Donna Jackson

Moments like these make you realise why you're doing it. Well done you're off to a flying start they obviously love you. Forza Emma!

Emma Bird

Hi Donna

Grazie mille! I love my students, too. They are a very special bunch.

Amy of La Vita Bella

What wonderful comments _ I enjoyed reading your praises in Italian!

ilde Visinoni

Sei tu la Maria Emma che abbiamo conosciuto ad Addis Ababa nel 1980?
Se si' ci farebbe piacere rimanere in contatto con te
dato che non riusciamo a rintracciarti per telefono.
Siamo: Dario Figarolo ed Ilde Visinoni.

Tim Anderway

just dreaming of Rome and Florence. Have been to Europe but didn't get a chance to visit Italy ((

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