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Simon Pearson

I had exactly the same problem with the cost of kitchens in Italy - my solution... I bought an Italian made kitchen from MFI in England for a quarter of the cost (as there's always a sale on) and then had it shipped back over to Italy. I used "Arcese" - a large Italian haulage company with a base in the Uk (Essex) and it came in 2 weeks and cost around 400 pounds so a good saving overall (if not very carbon friendly).


Emma Bird


Thanks for sharing your solution. Sounds like a good one. Are you in northern Italy? If so, I can see why getting a kitchen shipped from the UK is 'commodo'. Ironic that it's an Italian kitchen, though...

I looked at MFI, too, a while back. Getting down to Sardinia hikes up the prices as it's another few hundred kilometres and an overnight ferry crossing.

And there's fitting the kitchen. How did you get around that?

Simon Pearson

Hi Emma

Yes - I'm in northern Italy so it's definitely cheaper for me. At the moment MFI are doing 70% off + free delivery (but it will be in the UK).

I built the kitchen myself (it's fairly straight forward as long as you have a screw driver and a hammer) brought the appliances from my local Euronics and had a local builder fit the marble tops which took a couple of weeks to cut from ordering. Marble tops are cheaper/the same price as the cheaper quality Formica tops so definately another Italian bonus.

Italian kitchens REALLY are expensive by comparison and the fitting's not cheap either.

Best of luck - let us all know how your building project goes!!

Emma Bird

Hi Simon

You're definitely overestimating my ability to use a screwdriver and assemble things! If I was in charge, we'd probably have the worktop next to the floor.

Our kitchen is tiny and the appliances are integrated which means I've not been able to buy them from Euronics. For the same reason, buying online was out of the question, too. (I've only been able to do that for the washing machine that goes in the bathroom).

As for building, I'm not building anything. Not after the Oh-dear-the-roof-collapsed saga. I'm merely putting the finishing touches.

However, I will be sharing photos soon.

Alberto, my kitchen man is exceptionally nice though, and he is willing to come travel 200km just to look at my kitchen. So I'm forgiving him the long wait for ordering the kitchen. Still can't get my head around 60 days.

I agree with you about the worktops. I've got a granite worktop and it's surprisingly not that expensive.

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