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My mother was born in Italy and emigrated to the US as a baby. I assume that as she was born in Italy, she was an Italian citizen. Her father was born in the U.S. during a trip his parents made to the US (so he was an American citizen) but he returned to Italy as an infant and lived there until he came to the US in 1924. My question is simply that I am assuming that as my mother was born in Italy she was an Italian citizen and I can obtain dual-citizenship through her. Her mother was born in Italy.

My father was born in the US but both his parents were born in Italy. Getting dual-citizenship through him is more difficult as I don't know what town his parents were born.


hi..i am a filippina and i lived here for almost 6 years and im working is it possible to apply a citizenship?tnx

residence porto cervo

5 years to have a Citizenship.


Is their a chance i can acqure italian citizenship jus sanguinis, My mother was born in Italy in 1947 then emigrated to australia. In 1961 she became an Australian citizen however in 1969 when she married my father who was an italian citizen she reacquired her italian citizenship. My father became and australian citizen in 1980 and i was born in 1981 so i cant get the citizenship from my father but my mother was officially recognized as an italian citizen at the time of my birth after reacquiring it so am i eligible for italian citizenship....


I am currently living in Italy and have done for over 20 years, I was born in the UK. I married an Italian and have had 3 children who are all under 16. My marriage is breaking down and I want to return to the UK, how do I stand legally with my children, can I just return with them or will I need my husbands permission?


Hi, I've been gathering all of my paperwork to apply for citizenship and after getting everything I needed, I find that I am not eligible :(( I am really upset about this. If Italy is concerned about bloodline, then why am I being denied because my grandmother became a U.S. citizen before 1948 . Both of my grandparents were born in Italy. I have everything; birth certificates, marriage certificate, naturalization papers. My father is the youngest of 8 children and he is the only child not eligible for citizenship because my grandmother became a citizen Nov 1941, while she was pregnant with my father, who was born in June 1942. If she became a U.S. citizen after 1948, she would not have lost her Italian citizenship! Her citizenship was taken away when she became an American Citizen, she was not given a choice! I am really sad and frustrated! Is there anything else I can do?

Bea Rivas

Hello! I married an Italian Citizen, but I have a child from a previous marriage. Is there any way my child can get the citizenship too through her step dad? Adoption maybe? she was 8 years old when we got married. Thanks a lot!


My grandmother's grand father was Italian emmigrated to El Salvador married my Grand Mother's grand mother. Do i have the chance to emmigrate by the blood law?
Thank you!


am ghanaian born in italy 1984,with italian birthcertificate but i grew up in ghana.can u please tell me hw can i apply for italian citizenship?


My sibling was recently granted italian citizenship. I did not apply at the same time as she did. I would like to apply now for my italian citizenship. Do I have to produce the same documents she did? or can I simply prove we are sisters, born to the same parents?

Martin Komba

Hi,I was born in Italy in 1982 but left when I was 10 yrs and now living in my parent's country of origin Sierra Leone, is there any thing i can do from this end like rendering service to Italian Government for a certain time so I can claim citizenship.If yes How? If No what's your advice. Thanks

scarfo'Airuoyuwa edosa eric

iam adopted here in italy in 2009 and i have spend 9 years in resident in italy.i want to know if iam gualify for italian citizen.i was born in 1967

scarfo'Airuoyuwa edosa eric

i was Adopted here in italy by my italian father in 2009.i have spend 9 years in resident in italy i want to know if iam gualify for italian citizen.i was born 1967

Offshore Investments

Great resource - very well written. Does seem to illicit more questions especially for any of us who are Italian's living in the US thanks

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