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Hey, Emma! Thanks for the line, "Eliminate the voices of people who tell you it can't be done." We're battling that right now, including some Italians who say, "Forget about working here. Just take vacations here." It's discouraging, but we're trying to not let it get us down.

I tried to join the HowtoItaly facebook group, but I don't see a way to join - the usual "Join this Group" link isn't there. Can you help?

Emma Bird

Hey Jessica,

You DEFINITELY have to eliminate the voices of the people who tell you it can't be done, including those of the Italians you speak to. If every Italian had given me a croissant ooozing my favourite apricot jam every time they'd told me that about something I've subsequently gone on to do, I'd be molta grassa indeed.

With the HowToItaly facebook group, you need:
a) be a member of Facebook
b) be in the Italy network (I'm trying to get this changed)
c) do a search for HowToItaly in the groups section.

Let me know if that works, and thanks for bringing it to me attention.

As for the both of you, hang in there and you will find a way. It might take longer than you initially planned but you can do it.



Thanks Emma - that worked fine on Facebook. And thanks also for the encouragement!

Emma Bird

Hi Jessica.

Excellent. Pleased it worked. Looking forward to seeing you in there.

I'd love to hear how your plans are coming on. Why not drop me a line on my googlemail address?


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