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Be Your Own Boss in Italy

We're heading in a new direction with HowToItaly.

We're finding that most of our clients are prospective business owners or business owners already in Italy. So, we're ensuring we can offer you a 360° service.

Being your own boss in Italy is a passport to enjoying the Dolce Vita. Whether you dream of starting a B&B, running a tour company or opening a language school, our consultations can help you do just that. Our knowledge comes from having been there and done it ourselves, advising Italian companies and helping others like you through the process.

We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals of running a successful business in Italy. We provide a 360° consultation service to ensure you have everything you need. And, of course, we are behind you every step of the way. We are there to eliminate your worries and to share your joy as your business goes from strength to strength.

NEW: Accounting:

HowToItaly can now handle all your accounting needs. Mario is a chartered accountant and a member of the Italian body Ordine dei Commercialisti. The cost depends on the size of your business. Please email us at info@howtoitaly.com for more information.

NEW: Recruitment

Need to hire an employee but not sure of the procedure, your liabilities or even where to find the right person? As part of his services to his client companies, Mario regularly interviews and recruits new staff so is the ideal person to help you. The cost varies as this service is tailored to your needs. Please email us at info@howtoitaly.com for more information.

NEW: Business Building Success Squad: November 10

A face-to-face day in Alghero with you, Mario, myself and 5 other clients. 11.0am - 7.00pm with optional dinner (at your own expense) with the group on Saturday evening.

Our guarantee: This day will be hard work but lots of fun, too. You will come away feeling energetic, inspired buoyant, confident, and excited about putting your new business plans into action. Plus, you'll have made some great new connections.

Each client will have one hour dedicated to them as we brainstorm together and offer advice for starting your business in Italy or moving forward with your exisiting one. From previous experience of running our workshops and Skype conference calls, we know that brainstorming as a group has lots of benefits and helps to achieve clarity. And that's true regardless of whether you are the giver or the givee of the brainstorming. Before the Business Success Club ends, you will outline your goals and actions. This will be followed up with a one-hour personal mentoring session (worth Eur100) with Emma and Mario in the following week. And, of course, you'll make lots of new friends who are on the same entrepreneurial journey as yourself.

And if you don't believe us, read this:

"I've arrived home safely feeling very satisfied with the course and the connections I have made with both you and Mario. There was something about coming to Sardinia to do the course which enhanced the whole experience. It seems to make sense to be in the environment and immersed in the culture in which you are trying to create your business. Apart from the myriad of useful information and discussion, I felt very heard and respected by both of you and indeed throughout the trip felt very well cared for and respected for all the ideas and experience that I brought to the course. I feel very excited and energised by it all and even made a business connection on the way home." - Lesley Dever, Glasgow.

"When I got back, everyone told I was looking really well, and I think they meant I was looking happier! I think the wordkship was quite a carthartic experience all around. it was more than just practical advice but emotional support as well. I know that I have come away with the ideas I had firmed up into definite plans. I no longer tell people that I want to live in Florence, I tell them that I am going to live in Florence." - Gin Wilcox, Cheltenham.

Cost Eur390. Reduced to Eur350 if paid by September 30. Join today by emailing info@howtoitaly.com.

Already a business owner in Italy but struggling to make a profit?

We can help. Mario is The Business Doctor and specialises in working as a temporary manager and turning around companies. He will carry out a complete health check into your business - much like your regular doctor would with your body. He will diagnose the weaknesses and then proceed to provide the solutions (medicine) to ensure the business returns to optimum health. The cost depends on the size of the business. Please email us at info@howtoitaly.com for more information.

Have an idea for a new business but don't know where to start?

Don't worry. We do. This consultation programme will help you set up and build a business in Italy. And if you don't have the ideas, we can come up with those, too, based on a lifestyle questionnaire that we will send you. Please email us at info@howtoitaly.com for more information.

Want to run a B&B/agriturismo/small hotel or rent holiday properties?

Is trying to work out which structure is best for you giving you a headache? Are you scratching your head wondering how to finance your dream? Or is the thought of wading through Italian bureaucracy making you feel faint? We can definitely help you with all of this. And we can also arrange for you to test-run your dream with our Make the Bed...before you run the B&B programme. Please email us at info@howtoitaly.com for more info.


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