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Oh Number 4. So, so true. What I can't figure out is how the women manage to spend so much time cleaning but still have dirty floors ;) I mean, I *know* why I can't walk around my house, but the others? The "real" Italians?

But I have to say--I've never seen the fruit washing fluid. Thank goodness!

Joanna Young

Hi Emma

Good to have you back online :)

That accountants' party was obviously something else. But did they know you would be blogging about their small talk the next day?!



HI Emma,

don't forget that some housewifes has 2 bathrooms:
1) Rapresentative (with a lot of money spended and never used because they are scared to damage it)

2)One for daily usage

Another nice thing is that i had a friend and when i went to his home his mother give us the "Pattine" (pieces of cotton to put under the shoes) to avoid to damage the marm floor....

ah ah!

Emma Bird

Hi Enrico

Yes, I've noticed that about having the beautiful show bathroom that you mustn't ever use and the one that may be used. The same can be said of the best dining room that is never used except when guests are around. You feel as if you are being observed from the moment you sit down.

And you're right about damaging the floor, too. I guess that's where the 'bella figura' and making sure you cut the right image comes into play.

Thanks for your contribution, Enrico. Looking forward to more of your comments.


Emma Bird

Joanna - Well, they know I writethe blog.....But small talk of medical problems is so normal, they wouldn't mind in the slightest. That's what I find funniest of all.

Sognatrice - I'm with you on that one. My floor could never ever be as spotless as the floors that are cleaned every hour of the day. They are clearly worried about me making their floor dirty at that point!

As for the fruit washing solution, oh you don't know what you're missing. My friends in Bologna, Milan, Pesaro and Sardinia all have it. The thing is, though, my fruit still seems as clean as theirs...

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