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Joanna Young

Keep them coming Emma! Meantime I've been thinking about why they're so popular

You're writing about a favourite topic - the ingredients of Italian style

There's lots of detail - that only a keen observer could pick up

You acknowledge your outsider status - and are sharing your experience with others who might be in the same boat (pacing their experience, creating rapport)

You include just enough humour - but not so much as to be in any way laughing at your Italian friends

It's written with kindness and affection

There's no hint of arrogance - their ways, our ways, anybody's ways, there's not right and wrong, just the amazing mix of human beings that inhabit this planet

I'm sure there's more too - I love trying to work out the ingredients of great writing :)


Rebecca Raymond

I always look forward to your posts on this topic, they are great. Some are quite amusing and it's something you don't find in the travel books. Love it!


Emma Bird

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for commenting. I'm so pleased that you love this topic. I'll keep them coming. Feel free to join in the conversation elsewhere on this blog.


Thanks, as ever for your insightful comments. You're right: I could never run down my Italian friends. I may find much of what they do really rather strange but to them I am equally strange with my British habits that I can't - and don't want to - shrug off.

I choose to live in Italy so I accept the way things are done here even if it's not something I would necessarily do myself. Besides, I admire Italians for their passion, creativity, flexibility, generosity and loyalty.

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