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Paul Edwards


I am unfortunately a US citizen, and thus not part of the EU. I am looking for tips on emmigrating to Italy (and Spain) to start a business there.

I hesitate to buy your book because I need info for non-EU citizens.

Any help, advice? All the info I seem to find is geared for you lucky EU citizens.



Emma Bird

Hi Paul

Because I'm an EU citizen, the book naturally slants this way. But because starting a business is the most viable way for non-EU citizens to come to Italy, we wrote the book with this in mind. There are interviews with non-EU citizens so you can see the steps they took to get themselves legal. The forms you need to fill in for starting a business are also the same.

Hope that helps


2 years ago ... ive been trying starting business in italy .. but i cant ... im syrian citizen unfortunately .... its make it harder for me ...
im an interior designer .. wanna be an italian setizin ... somehow i'll keep trying to be an italian citizin ... i'll never give up whatever happened


im Ahmad
2 years ago .. ive been trying atarting business in italy ... or to be an italian citizen .. by immigration or something .... im syrian unfortunately ... and as everybody knows that it makes it harder .... i need a solution soon .... i will never give up ... i'll keep trying !!!


Hi there, I am Italian, Sardinian actually, and I congratulate you all for this interesting web site (especially the things You don't like about Sardinia! :-D), which gives me the chance to see my land through your eyes. Available for any kind of partnership or just exchanging information for those who need them.



conveyancing cheshire

Emma, great book by the siunds of it, i'll be buying it! Thanks for the tips!

Liz Conrad


I found your website and information very helpful. I am a US citizen living in Naples, Italy for three years because of my husbands job. I am looking to work by teaching English or teaching yoga here in Naples any tips or opportunities you know of here.




Hello there. I have a passion for cooking and have always wanted to open up my own small resturant. I was recently in Italy and have fallen in love with the place. I want to strat my business there. Is there anyone who can guide me through the process of establishing a resturant in Italy?

Allanah Gloria

My name is Gloria.I'd be going on a pilgrimage real soon to the Vatican from Africa.I will like to relocate to Florence and startup a small business-designing trademarks for organizations,opening a fitness and feeding management centers and giving speeches from time to time.I am a member of the Toastmasters International.Got any ideas on how my relocation to Florence can be made easy and also how i can setup a small business there?I am an Arien so Florence is my sign city.

business consultant

I've always wanted to work in that place. I really think that it's a nice place to start a business as well. Thanks a lot for sharing that inspirational guide. I believe it can help me in a lot of ways.


Hello, I am an American citizen living near Paris, France, and I would like to know the best way to go to Italy to live and work. I was thinking of going to Genova. I am a Teacher of English as a second language, a translator, an editor and an occasional interpreter. My main languages are French, German and Modern Greek. I am learning Italian, which I absolutely love. I would like to be an independant (maybe start my own business?). I also teach Medical English, but I have a lot of experience in teaching adults and children in different areas, groups or individuals.
I have diplomas, most of them French, and I am almost finished with a thesis in cultural studies. I would also like to teach English in different areas at the university or even within the government. I am open to different possibilities.
I would appreciate any help I could get in understanding the best way to go there.

Offshore Investments

I have established a number of international businesses - Ireland, Luxembourg, BVI, etc and would be cautious in starting a business in any of the 'hot' countries where bureaucracy still involves lengthy queueing, vast amounts of documents and changing rules. Very informative guide. thanks


Thanks. I agree with you. I think bureaucracy is the biggest killer to doing business/starting a business in Italy. And on that note, I'm off to write a post on that very subject.

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