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C. D. Walsh

Nice site - I'll make sure to read further. You should do something about the "typos" though, some of the English grammar is not up to "snuff".


Emma Bird

C.D Walsh - I'm pleased you like the new blogsite.

As for typos, please don't take offence at Mario's errors. Remember he is Italian and he is writing in his second-language.

As for me, guilty your honour! I'm not trying to excuse myself here but the last few days have been spent constantly switching between Italian and English and when that happens my grammar goes to pot because I'm mixing grammar and idioms.

Once I get back to some intensive days of full-on English writing, my grammar will be up to speed again. And that's a promise.

Jacinda Jay Innes

Ciao C.D Walsh and Snuff

Nice one blaming Mario, Mr Walsh! I couldn't write in Italian to save my soul, so a few errors here and there are minimal compared to the translation required.
I am betting that like me (Snuff and yourself), are constantly navigating style guides, language, grammar and endless approval processes in play in you're professional career, it's really tiring and sometimes the creative streak becomes the sad compromise. I have spent an entire day editing and frankly sometimes the more you look and examine, the more you find......... Where does it end?! When it comes to blogs, I like to freeflow! Anyway, the whole site is great, I love it! and I look forward to blogging more. Awesome effort on all accounts to everyone!

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