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That's nice. I've been teaching for years and its true, it all feels worthwhile when you get that occasional piece of positive feedback.Where are you teaching?
BTW, I teach English to adults in Milan and can recognise that inert state you described regarding dreams and aspirations, even among the gainfully employed!

Paulette Greco

Hello, I was wondering if the job you talked about on this page is a job with a contract in the public school system. I have relatives in Italy and they told me that there are a lot of open jobs in the public schools for American and English teachers that pay highly. I have dual citizenship and also an associate's degree in Business Administration. Could I teach in these schools? There isn't a lot of info. about this in English, and my Italian isn't good enough to understand what is written on Italian web pages. Thanks for your help!



To Paulette

You could very well be in demand. I have an Arts Degree and am also of dual citizenship. After a month of travelling in person, meeting the headmasters and/or Heads of english and giving a 'domanda' with my CV to over 20 schools near my home, and then waiting, I am now gainfully employed in a state school 5 minutes cycle from my home! It is much better work than the private language school from which I recently resigned due to appalling working conditions. You can do it! Don't give up and good luck!


Can I find a job as a ESL teacher without speaking Italian? Thanks


Can I find a job as an ESL teacher without speaking Italian? Thanks

Account Deleted

I always believe in making the students more responsible and self dependent. Most of the time I stay away from spoon feeding work to my students. I ask them to read the context first and them come to me with all your questions. Although implementing this by an English Teacher is quite stressful but still I have done it well from the last 6 years or so. It was great reading your post and would come back again for more content.

Steve Brown

Dee Schaffer

Is there any call for someone with a lifetime in medicine (who doesn't want to practice anymore), speaks intermediate Italian, and who wants to tutor English, perhaps to medical students, or those wanting to go into the medical field? (My, but that sentence ran on like a proper Italian sentence.)

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